of California has just signed a bill into law that allows "illegals" who have graduated from high school to apply for financial aid to college. 
    Any thoughts on this?

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    I've been trying to be careful on answers, as to not offend to badly for some. Taxes on Karma.. probably, ha. Yahoo Answers tossed me for my views. I was not even out of line either. This seems to be a better site. I enjoy everyone's input.

    It seems to me that people are allowed to have "views" and "opinions" as long as they go along with the "politically correct" views and opinions. I would probably have landed on my ear it I'd been involved with Yahoo Answers. But, as you said, trying to be careful without compromising myself. Thank you for being here, redslider.....YA lost!

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    The free rides have to stop on Federal, State, and City levels in America. We need to concentrate on correcting the mistakes that have already been made with the 14 amendment as no other country in the world permits citizenship from foreign nationals giving birth in their country. What does it take to convince people about BUDGETS? DUH!!

    Bad economy, unemployment, housing markets, and so on, including freud with entitlements for Americans not illegal foreigners. Brown screwed California once previous and was elected to screw them again. We need to concentrate on the American needs instead of illegal foreigner needs.


    So very well put. THANK YOU. We should probably be careful of our karma points; we could be taxed on those next.

    Everybody has a right to higher education.........On my dollar? If they come out paying taxes, all's the better.....


    Just a comment. At least your Gov. is doing something... Mine is running for president....

    It's a big IF, jhharlan.  It might be better for California if Brown ran for president....of TURKEY.  At least that would get him away from Sacramento.  Who is your governor anyway?

    If they have graduated from HS and would like to go to college here in our country in which they now live and hopfully will become tax paying citizens like the rest of us. then why not, at least they are trying to better there lives. Unlike some of our natural born cry babies. Just Sayin


    Thank you for your thoughts. The concept is rubbing me the wrong way right now, but your take on it is completely rational.

    Hoping they become taxpaying citizens isn't good enough. They have had a free ride thus far. Their credit card should be expired, and the debt for services rendered should be paid before serving up more candy for them.

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