how do you tell the diference between a Yamaha 4 stock outboard motor and a 2 strock outboard

    We have recently brought a Yamaha outboard motor but the only problem is, is that the person who sold it to us has memory loss and cannot remember if its a 4 stock or a 2 strock engine because he only ever used it Twice some years ago.
    We Know that one you mix with Oil and Petrol and the Other is just Petrol but how would we Know what to put in it.

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    most if not all yamaha outboards are oil injected it should have a tank external to the engine where the mix oil goes. if it has idip stick that goes internal its a4 stroke
    2 stroke engines have 2 pistons. 4 stroke engines have 4 pistons.

    If the motor requires a special two stroke oil ("premix") with every tank of gas, then it's a 2 stroke. (4 stroke engines do not need a premix) You should be able to buy the mix at any fueling dock or boating shop that sells extras like fuel additives.

    Note of interest: The 2 stroke has a high-decibel whine that may exceed legal noise limits in some areas. If you have a 2 stroke, check with your local parks and recreation for noise limit laws concerning the 2 stroke engines.

    if you just add the oil into the engine like you would a car it is a newer 4 stroke. Much better on fuel as well and no premixing hassle. I just blew my 4 stroke last summer as the oil injector system failed and there was no warning signal to let me know:(
    colleen the stroke of an engine has noyhing to do with the no. of cylinders it has to do with the intrnal workings of the engine two stroke ingines are lubricated thru the fuel 4 stroke engines are lubricated independently of the fuel system most of the time with apump or splashing device that throws oil on moving parts

    I was going by the answers given on the net. I was assuming they were looking for visual differences, not how the engine worked.

    i willlet you slide this time just dont let it happen again

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