Do you think it is ok for Police to crush cars.

    Here in South Australia hoon drivers who are 'repeat' offenders for drunk driving, driving without a licence, speeding, drag racing, and driving in a dangerous manner,etc can have their cars crushed , no questions asked.

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    Here in the UK if a car is stopped with no insurance / MOT test certificate / road tax / no license / disqualified driving / drink driving the car is siezed and put in a Police compound - the cost for recovery and the compound is 130 Pounds for the first day, then around 12 pounds for every other day. If the car is not recovered by the owner with full documentation the Police have the right to crush the car or send it to auction. In the UK they estimate that 1 in every 5 drivers are unisured.   

    I think it is a little severe to take someones private property, like a car and crush it.

    Crushed ?  I thought thier car (the hoons) was impounded,or took off them indefinatly and sold to auction.Surely a WRX ,which a lot of the hoons drive these days,wouldn't get crushed.I agree thier cars should be taken away from them.The more i think about this,the police probably do crush the cars ,as to stop the hoons from crushing someone else and thier car.


    PYTHON,they added the law in S.A. to unclude crushing.

    I think it would be a good idea. How else to at least hamper these repeat offenders that have no regard for the law. BTW: I have no knowledge of the severity of the problem in Australia but I know there have been many repeat offenders here in the states.

    I think that living in a police state is wrong were they can just take something away but I also think not acting in a responsible manner is just as wrong. NEVERTHELESS, the bigger problem here is that if people cannot act in a responsible manner then why would we think that the police would in the end.


    Sth Australia is not a police state, these drivers know in advance the consequentions. people have to take responsibilty for their own actions.

    they did it to my brothers car. it was on private property...unregistered, they red flagged it as being abandoned , gave him a seven day notice to remove it,and he did not, sure enough they  took it to the bone yard, and crushed it, now if that were a bot or camper then's all about the money.

    Yes,as long as the "HOON" is in it when they crush it!.OK just kidding.For repeat offenders "YES" crush their cars & make them watch. The problems with these hoons these days is that the cars have all the capabilities,The drivers do NOT. Licence suspension doesn't work,they just keep driving.Fines don't work either,they are allowed to pay them off. Putting them in jail for a couple of months only costs us money.


    Tommy, you hit the nail on the head, these rat bags keep on driving without a licence, no registration, the only way to hurt them is crushing their cars, they have got three chancesand then crushville. at the moment the police are holding six Nissan Skylines all caught at the same time dragging in the metropolitan area , all up these cars are worth aprox $250,000 all turboed. the police ate still deciding whether to crush or auction them off. i say crush them. the main offenders are 'P' platers.

    i see harley Davidson motor cycles at auctions all the time.Confiscated from bikie gangs.The Bikies just turn up at the auctions & buy them back.Money is no problem.They are making plenty from drug sale & whatever & they are buying the bikes back dirt cheap.Cheaper than if they bought another Harley.If they crushed them They would be off the market.

    Not ok, unless trying to catch an extreme character.

    I'm sick of hoons too. I say crush' them at the first offence. In fact, I would crush all the repeat drink and drug  offender's cars also.


    Eggie, repeat offenders include D.U.I.,they can have thier cars crushed as well in South Oz.

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