I am getting a message that virtual memory is low - what do I do?

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    Steps to Increase Virtual Memory

    Under the start menu go into the Control Panel.
    Double click Performance and Maintenance and then on System.
    Under the Advanced tab click on Performance and then on Settings.
    Where you see Virtual Memory shown click Change.
    Click on the hard drive where your OS is installed (this is where your paging file should be).
    Once you have completed all of this check the Custom Size checkbox. Now you are able to input how much memory you want to save for virtual memory. There will be two fields there, the first one is called initial and the other is called maximum. If you want the best performance out of your machine you should set these the same as each other.
    Now that you have completed these steps you should see an increase in the performance in your computer. If not, you should try setting the initial and maximum fields, that you changed before, to a higher number.

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