has the phaistos disc been deciphered?

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    Information about the Efforts to Decipher


    (1) In a recent book entitled "Ο Δισκος της Φαιστο? Μιλ?ει Ελληνικ?" (The Phaistos disk speaks Greek) Efi Poligiannaki claims to have solved the mystery of the disk and that the text is a prayer and the language is Greek. Her method is based on a combination of acronymic expanations and similarities between the disk symbols and the symbols from other linear scripts.

    (2) The Massey twins request help from other linguists in order to help advance their research. Their research is based on similarities between the disk symbols and the symbols of Proto-Byblic script. They feel that it is possible that the disk contains a magical text possibly a curse. Still they think that it is more likely that the language of the disk is Indoeuropean. They have now announced that they have completed their efforts and published the results(6-2000).

    (3) At Lexiline we can find another effort to decipher the disk by Andis Kaulins. The claim is that the language of the disk is Greek and that it contains the proof of a geometric theorem. The Phaistos Disk was deciphered by Andis Kaulins in 1980 and the decipherment published in that same year as The Phaistos Disc: Hieroglyphic Greek with Euclidean Dimensions - The "Lost Proof" of Parallel Lines" - available through the Harvard Library in the Harvard-subscribed monograph series "Origins: Studies in the History of Mankind and its Languages"

    (4) We are also told that Dr. Steven Fischer has deciphered the Disk.
    Dr. Fischer published his original findings in the book "Evidence of Hellenic Dialect in the Phaistos Disk", 1988. More recently he published the book Glyphbreaker that includes the story of the Phaistos Disk toogether with his newer efforts in deciphering Rongorongo. Dr. King claims that the language is closely related to Mycenean Greek and that the disk is a call to arms. A review of the book was published in New Scientist. Glyphbreaker can be ordered on line from . The pages include book reviews and extensive comments by other readers.


    Dr. Fischer's original book Evidence of Hellenic Dialect in the Phaistos Disk is now also available from

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