When did you last go to see a movie?..............and what was it?

    The last time I went to the cinema was way back in 1970 in Berlin. The movie was "Love Story",  remember it?

    Update: 4/9/2013

    We went to the Cinema a few weeks ago on a Sunday Afternoon to see Andrea Bocelli singing in a open air concert in Portafino, it was fantastic we came out feeling like we'd had an afternoon in Portafino, only the wine and the warm weather was missing but we imagined, it was great.

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    "The Help" was a very good movie...touching and thought provoking.

    Believe it or not the last time I went to the movies was in Houston,Texas.We went to see "The Mexican". March 2001.

    (El Camino lol).


    CAL??? Is that RAC?
    country bumpkin

    Yes! RAC! LOL BLUSH!!!

    madagascar 2 with my niece ,wife and sister in law .. i think i had more fun than the four of us combined..

    Back in May or June, I saw  '' The Help ''.   It was very well written and acted out. It came from  a book. The character developement was very good, unlike most modern movies.          I went to the library to get the book and they said there was a long waiting list, since the movie came out. Ironically, the book was written in the 90s.


    Mucho academy awards going to "The Help" for sure.

    Two nights ago:  The Ides of March...George Clooney and Ryan Gosling (the girl in the movie is so gorgeous -  Evan Rachel Wood)....  Good movie, especially if you all like politics and presidential campaigns.  Clooney is superb.


    Last spring, my wife and I took our daughter to see some kids movie. Luckily, it was one of those that had the ability to make parents laugh also. Movie theaters have brought themselves to be a fairly expensive venture these we don't always do it that often. If another medium opens up where people will be able to view recently released theaters will have priced themselves out of existence.

    Maybe 40 years ago,can't remember what the movie was.I pay too much for cable to be going too a movie house...


    Pretty cool. I guess

    I went to see THE HELP a couple or three months ago.  I liked it but now, I want to read the book.... I'll buy it if I have to...........

    In April 2011, I saw a movie called Marse needs Moms. It sucked!

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