my ex girl friend is see someone but she is doing things she has never she go to his house and stay out all night leaving her young daughter when i talk to her she sometimes talk like alittle girl she has cut off all her friend and she does keep her self up like she used too is going throught depression

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    to me it sounds like she might have a drug problem.. ,perhaps she needs help. cutting off old friends as well as letting herself go is a tell tale sign of drug abuse as well as letting herself go.what's important here is her young daughter,first confrount her in a loving way about her sudden lifestyle change and see if you can't determine the exact problem, maybe even go as far as treating to call child welfare services, and if you'r bluff don't work then go through with it, a young kid should never be left alone.

    What do you mean 'leaving her young daughter?'. It is illegal to leave young children alone overnight, this should be addressed as soon as possible. Other than that it sounds like there is little you can do other than to let her know you are there to support her. Unfortunately as adults we make our own mistakes and there is little that can be done to effectively prevent this. Just make sure the lttle girl is protected and speak to your ex-girlfriend immediately if you feel the little girl is at any risk of harm!

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