What is the penalty for incarcerating an american ?

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    Rethink your questions please. They aren't making sense. No one gets penalized for incarcerating a criminal.
    sounds like your a foot soldier for the "nwo"
    Incarceration is the detention of a person in jail, typically as punishment for a crime.
    If you mean someone holding someone against their will thats kidnapping and very serious.
    Wow, maybe we need to ask a lawyer, I don't understand the question either? Hope this will clear up the smoke?

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    If M.J. is involved?
    which country do you live in anyway?
    LOl, you'll need solid evidence and sustainable reason to imprison some American, wait maybe you used the wrong word, are you sure Incarcerate is the right word? do you even know the meaning?
    I am sorry you lack the education or imagination to help answer my question. The wrong time to test the system is when you need it to work as taught in our public schools.P.S. Christians are not criminals.


    I'm happy to not have your imagination. You must drive yourself nutty inverting reality the way you do.
    Grit Savage

    you must have a very bleak mind mate! you have no idea how educated any of us are for you to insinuate that we are not! :-)
    What would the penalty for incarcerating you?


    Isn't there a site called, "let's play mind games" somewhere that you can go occupy your time on?
    Grit Savage

    who are you referring too? (are you stoned?)
    I swore an oath to this country to defend it against enemies foreign and domestic, so no, I will not rephrase the Question.


    Then you apparently don't understand how the laws to our country work, presuming you're an American? Or do you mean detaining an American without cause aka kidnapping?
    Grit Savage

    wtf does that have to do with making yourself understood?

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