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    Can dogs see themselves in the mirror?

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    Obviously dogs can see a reflection in a mirror the question is do they think its another dog or not.For it to realise it was looking at itself it would have to be self aware to some degree and it's generally accepted that animals arent self aware.We cant explain conciousness much beyond it's a product of the brain but how it evolved,why or what the mechanics of it are we still can't say so who's to say whats genuinely going on in a dogs head.My last dog seemed to know it was seeing itself in a mirror judging on his reactions.Firstly if he'd thought it was another dog he'd have barked,growled or reacted differently.It fascinated him and he seemed to be admiring himself.Did he know it was him in the mirror?
    Impossible to say but he reacted n behaved like he did !!!!

    ole hipster

    Real good answer!

    Agree with Rushie55 again! (great minds think alike LOL) I know my puppy looks in a mirror and starts barking frantically as if though it were another dog. I don't think dogs have anough vanity TO Look in a mirror to see themselves!

    Probably but being of limited brain power how would they know they were looking at themselves. Cos actually they don't know what they look like. Do they?

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