How can you tell that the plant is a living thing and the icicle is not

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    What in the heck would ever give you the idea that a frozen icicle is a living thing????????? Does that mean your refrigerator produces living things??????


    Good come back....

    I've heard icicles could be a good murder weapon. I  think I read a book about it!

    I do understand where you are coming from as ice does have living orgnasims living insde but you would need a specail equipment to even see them


    Mel, how are you doing? Have you heard about your Mom? So sorry that this is happening around the holidays. I am on here because I cant concentrate on much anything with Chester gone. Let me know. with love and prayers, Ann

    Thanks Ann she is soooo much better but as you know that can change from day to day hour to hour they thought she had a heart attack and I was on my way down there then I get a phone call it was wind!! well we laughed sooo much and turned round we are still waiting for the results shad the scan today so wont get them till Monday sorry to hear you are still grieving Ann it takes years well it did to me thanks for asking about Mom speak soon xxxx

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