Can you make additional income if you are on Goverenment Social Security Disability?

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    Cannot answer this question without knowing the country about which you are inquiring. Get back here!

    In the US social security is one thing, disability is another.. Total disability NO. But I've seen so many people scam this. Back in the early eighties I worked for a welding shop, many times  people would come  Needing oxygen or acetylene tanks. Or some type of gas. Alot of folks wouldn't unload or load their tanks making me do it. I asked one time why. I got the answer I'm on disability... I can't get caught. So I asked what they did when they got home?  Pull it in the garage/ shop they would say.. the last time I went to pick up a 1456 international tractor. This 350lb slob came walking out, two canes, he could barely move. Once in the barn he  ditched the canes, started throwing snowmobiles around with one hand. The friend I was asked him, we walked to the door. He pointed out and said do you see that car ( about a block away) their watching me.. if I get caught they take away my disability.. yes some people need it but it's getting out of hand here... Ok I'm done ranting now........


    I knew someone who got caught and was fired from his job. All who knew him were glad because he faked "pain" every spring during fishing season. No sympathy for him at all.

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