are you watching the coverage of THE royal wedding? what do you think about it?

    i think they could have simplified it just a little and spent some of their gold for a cause -- say Japan. I just don't get it. also, diana was a beautiful young mother who died much too early but there were more buckets of tears shed than when mother teresa left this mortal coil. why? why? why?

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    Don't really care for THE ROYALS anymore. The tabloid side shows the past few years have taken their toll on my interest.

    How long will it be before an old PORN FILM staring Willies squeeze KATE resurfaces and starts the whole process all over again?

    it came to be, tsc! i don't think we quite have porn but they are edging closer especially with pippa! tu
    i think id rather watch a wind sock change direction!all respect to them but my nephews weeding is more important to me
    They've actually trimmed a lot from this wedding. The prince and soon to be princess have the economy in mind (as was reported on a special I watched last night). The gold used for the making of Kate's wedding ring is from gold that was given years ago by some king (don't remember who) who gave a chunk of gold strictly for the making of royal wedding rings. Research Mother Teresa and you'll see she wasn't all that saintly. Diana always kept the people in her heart, something she taught her sons also. She was a great humanitarian and because of this and the national attention she received she was well loved by people from all over the world.

    Being that it is a royal wedding, it does have to be a grand stately affair as that is English tradition.

    mother teresa! i'll google, girl.

    Google other write ups on her. Not just wiki pedia.
    I think it was Grit who posted something about her once but can't be sure if it was him.
    I think that the royal wedding will be a blast but it can get a little over the top. But kate will look beautiful in her wedding dress it will be a nail biting wedding. =)

    I agree absolutly

    ahhh, you two are young romantics. <3 <3

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