It seems that just about anybody can now distribute the Body of Christ, is this right? I still cannot accept it but if I want to receive Holy Communion I am forced to as more often than not, ay people are distributin Holy communion and the priest is standing with the chalice!!! I live in Australia and cannot accept the many changes in the church - it is just not Catholic anymore. It is almost like, follow your conscience. I need to make a good confession but even find this difficult, are th

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    I wish I knew how old you were but if I read you correctly, you are in disagreement with the Holy Communion being distributed by church volunteers instead of being done by the priest.

    When I attended church many years ago, this practice occurred only on very busy occasions such as Christmas,Easter or during sacraments such as Baptisms or Confirmations.It was done simply to speed up the process. I don't see why or how this should offend you although I admit to having wondered the same thing back then.

    If you value the Holy Eucharist for what it represents, you should not be concerned with WHO presents it to you. Remember that Holy Eucharists can be self-administered. Sick Roman Catholics that are unable to attend Church services are offered small quantities of blessed hosts that they can consume at their discretion.

    In the end, it really isn't about the "how" . It's about the "what"

    Don't let this practice influence your adherence to your Church. Look at the BIG picture.

    The problem is caused by the shortage of Roman Catholic priests. Assuming that God calls those who wish to be priests to carry out His will, the being to blame is God Himself.

    "" Join some other church, there's only one God and you don't need some 'maybe' paedophile priest speaking to God on your behalf.


    Don't know about only one God Eggy, the Greeks and Romans had at least a dozen and some people such as myself manage OK without any.

    You're quite right nomdeplume.

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