what colors can dogs see

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    yellow and green: fire hydrants and lawns
    Dogs have an appreciably lower visual acuity then humans. If the typical human eye scores 20/20 on the Snellen eye chart, the typical canine eye would score 20/75. Anything below the 3rd line of the Snellen chart would be a blur to a dog.
    Therefore, typical domesticated dogs do not depend on fine visual acuity to survive. The canine visual system is designed to operate well under low light conditions, while the human visual system performs best in bright light.
    They simply see the movement and the shapes on the television instead.
    Dogs don't have the same depth perception that humans have, which also explains how little they can actually see on a TV screen
    Headless Man

    However my dog can see TV, when a dog is on the screen she jumps up and gets on the love seat and watches till it's gone.
    Dogs can see Cyan and Yellow and some Infra-Red. Also dogs see colours differently to us.

    I was always of the opinion that dogs see only black and white. but we Aussies tend to see lots of things in black or white. Randy I am not having a shot at you but I have been around dogs for all my 79 years and I must disagree with your details about dogs` eyesight. What television has to do with your answer to the question I don`t know. I do however do know dogs can spot game much further away than humans. I do know dogs can see stock (cattle, sheep,) at incredible distances. I have lived with working dogs on sheep and cattle stations (ranches) and had domestic pet dogs since Adam was a boy and the dogs eyesight is far superior to that of a human. Your reply appears to be researched and I credit you with that but I would guess who ever wrote the infomation has never worked with dogs. In a sheep dog trial the handler controls the dogs` actions by the movement of a finger to indicate "go left/right" "bring them in" etc. The handler also uses whistles but most are hand signals. So obviously things are not a blur. Sorry to deflate your balloon but thems the facts first hand.

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