Why after 10 months of no period do I suddenly get one?

    - I am 52 and going through menopause.
    - I am on a weight loss program.

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    ole hipster

    Cherin all the excellent answers that you just have received. I could not elaborate on any of them. You are going through your perimenopause (I think that is what it's called!) This too shall pass!!....take care!.(:

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    If you are going through menopause,this period may be your last,you have to remember your hormones are all over the place.Expect the unexpected at a time like this.

    Yes, what pythonlover said.  Menopause is just that....a pause.  You may experience a few more periods before they stop completely.  It is unlikely your weight loss program has much, if anything, to do with your menses.  Check with your gynocologist or general practioner if you have symptoms that are unusual or painful.  I don't know anything about hormone therapy. You should think about having a bone density test.
    If you haven't experienced the "hot flashes" yet, they may be on their way.  When you feel them start, try to isolate the place where they begin (mine are in my neck).  No particular reason for that, just that when you feel that heat, you kinda know what's coming. 
    I never enjoyed "riding the cotton pony" (my aunt called it that and I thought it hilarious), but I  am sad that time of my life has passsed. )

    Hormones take "forever" to stabilize... Don't be surprised by anything but if it's too severe, consult your doctor...

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