Wikileaks true or not.

    Is wikileaks real or not,?

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    Julian Assange seems genuine enough. but sometimes when doubts are raised,a circle of deception is easily created,usually by those with a self interest, lets stick to the known facts when making our assessment

    Well I like Google so I guess I like the CIA

    True - that's why governments around the world seek to shut it down.

    The known facts, you mean that wikileaks is owned by google?... that's a fact. CIA funded google, another fact. Again, if the CIA wanted to shut down google, they could.. where do you think google get the money to start out.. the CIA wants control over the internet, and they dont have absolute control, but they have the ability to monitor much more than they did because of google.

    it's false, because it's owned by wikipedia, which is owned by google, which is funded by the CIA... if the CIA were in trouble of being illuminated by 'wikileaks', wikileaks would be shut down instantly by the CIA.. the fact that it's owned by google shows that it's controlled by the CIA. There is nothing valuable about the information that they share, and if you were a fool who went to wikileaks to rat someone out, then you'd be caught in a nice trap.

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