why can't i be healed

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    phyisically or mentally?

    Have you tried prayer.. it's the most powerful tool known to man..


    Yes, it was the first wireless connection!

    Medical doctors are trained to heal people. There are good one and there are doctors who don’t know enough. If you are going to a doctor and not getting better, change doctors.  Sometimes it takes many.  (Both physical and mental problems)

    Who said you can't be healed?

    Whats the problem? We could come closer the answering what you ask if we had a idea of what we are dealing with.........

    wondering I've been injured, in chronic pain, and ill for quite a few years.  I have faith that God has a plan and his timing is certainly Not my timing..I pray a lot and keep trying new procedures and medications- and I talk to the animals because most of them don't have medical treatment so they know better than I on how to cope.  Try howling loudly and hear what the dogs have to say


    Yup, Dr. Doolittle, I howl loudly and it seems to help.
    What helps pain even more for me is a medication called Methadone. I've been taking it for ten years for a neck injury. It's not the kind of opiod that causes an addiction. In fact if you took a Vicodin, you wouldn't even feel a high because it blocks that action.
    It's not perfect but there are worse things/

    Some illness take longer than other depending if it mentally or physically,and some people just don't want to be heal, feel the need of sympathy,or the like.

    Your immune system has been compromised. It must be built up to withstand the environment against you.

    Keep praying don't give up but I cannot make any promises because some are and some aren't even in the bible.

    everybody here seems correct to me.  i will add.  imagine yourself well.  that's what happened to me years ago, and my chiropractor taught me to imagine myself well for something they said no cure.  one year later i was totally well and have not been sick in over 25 years.  the doctors asked me what i did and how i got well.  i told them a book called "how to get well by pavoo airola, the advice of my chiropractor and walking one hour every day, eating nothing but raw foods, i was dying to eat something cooked.  only ate cooked tomatoes.  meditated everyday for about 20 minutes, picturing every cell in my body well.  and it happened. chiropractor said the brain controls every cell in the body.  the doctors said, "oh that was just a miracle."  see there miracles are true.


    For protein you ate rice and beans together?
    And eggs and milk and yogurt and soy milk?
    I guess you had to balance your fruits and vegetables very carefully so you didn't get too much sugar.
    Thank you for sharing your miracle. It sounds like it truly was.

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