"how long should I bake a 1.5 pound stuffed chicken breast?"

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    How long do you bake chicken breast at 375?
    About 45 minutes
    How long to bake sliced chicken breast?
    i think it is something like 45 minutes total at 350...but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you cover the chicken the first 25-30 minutes so that is does not dry out
    How long to bake a marinated chicken breast?
    It depends on whether or not it is bone in or boneless. Either way it should heat to an internal temp of 165. I always buy boneless and it takes 20-30 mins at 350 degrees.
    How long do you bake chicken breast at 400?
    You should cook Chicken Breast for about 45min to an hour at 400!
    How long should you bake stuffed chicken?
    I cook my chicken at 250 degrees for about 55mins to 2hours but some times it does not cook all the way so check it. Then I put it back in for 15 mins and recheck it until it reaches a temperature of... > Wiki Answers > Categories > Food & Cooking > Recipes > How long to bake a 1.5 lb stuffed chicken breast?

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