Do you ever wonder why things happen that might affect us positively of negitively?!

    Your oppinion counts:)

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    Life lessons. We learn through the good and the bad. 

    This may not totally answer the question but 'things happen', because things happen.  I always like to say, "anything could happen to anybody at any time."   Good or bad.  Roll with the punches and try to keep yourself around good people and good situations, therefore minimizing your bad luck and bad things happening. 

    Things happen because they do, I've never wondered why.  Instead, I marvel at the impact that they've had in my life............

    things happen everyday and it depends wether you want to be negative or possitive its just happens

    Things happen to everybody, and for the most part, can happen at any time. We often take for granted many things when the good times are upon us. But, the bad and unexpected can happen at literally any moment of our lives also. So, be grateful for the good and simple things in life, and you will always live a life for which you are thankful.


    Your right about that..

    I'm sorry to say as life has gone on for centurys bad times have reached its peak, all time worst! Its a good idea to associate your self with possitive people that can help you though the rough times. And be alert to your suroundings and situations that you don't feel right about. Educate yourself with the facts, use common sence, don't listen to gossip or get involved with people who have nothing good to say they will steal your joy.

    Expect the unexpected Grasshopper.

    Shootah, you is on dah money. Bad stuff makes you appreciate the good times.

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