hi i have a small dog just started on ceaser dog food . he has the runs and i was wondering what to do

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    Whenever changing dog food do it slowly mixing the two foods giving more and more of the new, and each time don't give them more until they eat it all.

    You should get the dog to eat dry food if you can....that Caesar stuff is probably causing the diarrhea in your RandyP states: always  switch dog foods. gradually!. Also if you have a vet give him/her a call if the diarrhea doesn't stop within 24 hours or so as they may be able to call you in a prescription for something for the runs. I too have a small dog and you have to be careful with them as they dehydrate easily when experiencing the offer can also google home remedies for dog ailments for more answers...good luck!

    I agree with cbnews. r spoiled food.  Do not feed any solid food for the next  24 hours. Make sure plenty of fresh water is available at all times.A danger of excessive  diarrhea is dehydration. Make a broth from vegetables, rice and some meat ore bone and add a small amount of natural soy sauce. Give only the liquid part of soup at room temerature several times a day for 24 hrs. or longer. . If his bowel movement is dark and black, there may be bleeding in upper part of small intestine and he has to see a Vet. Most of the time diarrhea is caused by eating wrong kind of food, parasites in young dogs or viral infection.. Hope this helps.and good luck.. Another thing, try feeding him all natural Dogfood, like "Natural Life"

    Best thing for a dog with the "runs" is boiled chicken and steamed rice. I've also been told that pepto-bismol works ... see this site:

    Quit feeding processed crap to your dog. They do better eating what you eat if you don't eat processed crap yourself. No white flour for sure. Whole grain bread, cooked veggies, meat leftovers. Garlic should be added to most meals so as to fight fleas and intestinal parasites.

    Yes try him on Iams  puppy food for awhile,


    You sure  you aren't giving him a little milk ? That'll give him the runs. Maybe his dog food has a little  milk processed into it.   I tried to give my cats the best ---Iams. They didn't like it, but they're crazy about Friskies

    Dry is better if you pick the right one. How old is the dog?  Do not use food with alot of fillings.

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