do you shave your privates? if so why and do you prefer it?

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    No the soldiers in our army shave them selves. I have trimmed the hair around my dicky dido occasionaly.

    Yes... It makes me feel younger... more sexual.


    Hi Jenn, I see you answer to almost every question here on site, how do you find time for it?


    I type fast... No really I am out of work and bored. My dad has end stage lung cancer so I am not looking very hard for a job right now... This way I am always here when he needs me.

    Good luck and peace to your Dad Jenn. My wife had her stomach removed in Sept. 2010 not nice but she is coming good. Your answer to the question is spot on. You know I think a "cleanskin" attraction goes back to the day when boys saw their first girls dicky dido, it was smooth and bare, I know the first one I saw in the Nursery was. As a result of this "forbidden" pleasure we men,well some of us get that WOW! factor from seeing a cleared pleasure ground looks great feels great and tas oops! wont go there but you get my drift. Best of luck

    shave?.. no...... but i do trim now and then. I love to shave a girls privates though. I find it very sensual


    Good guys should not shave, it really is scary.

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