Since we are in the month of October, do you have any funny or interesting Halloween stories you can relate to us ?? ?

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    It was always chilly in Austin on Halloween so, no matter how cool my costume was, my mother always messed it up by making me wear a sweater over it...


    FUNNY, and I know what you mean, wore it to the neighbors house and off it came!!!

    My little sister and I had an older brother who was THE bad*** of the neighborhood. One Halloween when I was abt 10 and she abt 8 we were  out late, making our second round of trick or treating, feeling secure. On a kind of alleyway connecting streets out jumped 3 older boys who grabbed my little sisters bag (actually a pillowcase, as I had,too) full of candy and spilled all of it on the roadway. I pulled her behind me, not quite knowing what was going on, when all of a sudden one of the boys said " Hey, wait, you know who they are?!?  They are C..... J....'s little sisters, (with horror, I might add), and the other two looked at us as if we were aliens and then the one who snatched the bag initially got down on his knees and gathered every piece of candy flung onto the road and put it back into the pillowcase,  all the while begging us not to tell our brother about this incident, "Please, please don't tell him......Please, don't...". Gave my sister back her bag and we went on our way silently thanking God for big brothers...

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