What legally constitutes aman to be the the father of my son since he raise him for 10 yrs and was there during the pregancy and even cut the umbical cord and everything else.

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    Are you trying to be mean

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    What would legally constitute him being the father is the fact of is he the biological father?

    I fully believe in the saying "anyone can father a child but only a real man can be daddy.

    Amen Darci13, again a brilliant answer. I know a man that helped a woman look after her children for years because he loved her enough to. Later she turned out not to be the best partner in life but yet she got him for support when they are not his children. I felt this was so wrong, where is the biological dad, why is she going after the one that accepted her and her children and made them worth loving when the one who spread her legs and took the responsibility of donating sperm walks away like someone who had nothing to do with the process.  

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