What is a nonreactive sauce pan?

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    sounds like one of my wifes experimental food dishes..

    Yvonne is on the money but I would add that with the new instant heat cook tops you have to use "reactive" pots and pans because if you don`t the cook top element will not get hot and subsequently not cook the food

    Bit scary the first time you use one of these cook tops. You turn it on and no heat, put your hand on the ceramic element no heat, put a reactive pan on and bingo it switches on, take the pan off no heat stays in element. Pan back on away it goes.

    Brilliant stuff and excellent safety for children.

    from :  Nonreactive Saucepan

    A nonreactive saucepan is one in which the material of the pan does not chemically react to heat. Stainless steel pans or glass dishes are usually nonreactive. By contrast, many aluminum and cast-iron pans are reactive; for example, cast-iron tends to leach iron into foods being cooked. Reactive pans can alter the taste and/or color of certain foods, especially tomatoes. Some newer types of aluminum pans are now nonreactive.

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