how to get rid of house mice

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    Get a cat and name it "Mouser"....I did and she was wonderful and good at her job.........

    Unfortunately, you will have to get mice traps, put peanut butter or cheese on it and put it in the places where you see their droppings.  I had one and thought we had gotten rid of it.  Come to find out he had been taking dog food from the dogs bowl and had been hoarding it behind my dishwasher.  Boy was I surprised when they installed the new dishwasher last week.  Almost a whole bag of dog food was behind there.   I hated to get rid of the mice but they carry diseases and can ruin electrical wiring and things like that.

    Get a cat, ......or two!!!  No worries then about any rodents, then!!


    michmar118, I have 3 cats, 2 are always outdoors and 1 comes in as he pleases. I also have a yorkie and a chihuahua. Perfect dogs to be mousers. My poodle was a great mouser but he's in mouser heaven now. So, I will continue to trap the little buggers as my circus seems not to care. LOL

    food supply.

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