Have you ever had a pet return home after you thought, for sure, it was gone?

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    Oh, sure. Dogs come back after the bitch they were after leaves being in heat. My cat was captured and de-balled and left to return home....I was always happy to see them......


    How about telling us the story of that.............

    Well, I have twice.  The first was while I still lived  in St' Pete, Fla..  I had a gorgeous, totally ink-black cat with bright green eyes,  named Satin. I loved her so much.  One day, after work, she was nowhere to be found. I called and called for her. After 3-4 days I put ads in the paper and on radio and posted want-ads through-out the neighborhood..  Finally, 2 wks after she disappeared I got a call from a woman 4 blocks over from my house. It was dusk and hard to see clearly, but I took a cat carrier and baited it and eventually caught a cat, not knowing for sure if it was Satin.  Took it home, let the cat loose inside my hse and the cat went directly for the area I always put the cat food and water in the kitchen,  when there was none of that there at that time. Telling. It looked like my cat, seemed like my cat, but something was  a little off. After eating what I put down, the cat came and snuggled in my lap, and then I KNEW for sure it was my Satin!, She just seemed to be a little brain damaged, from the car hit, I figured.  When my husband came home from work, opened the front door and saw that cat on my lap his jaw hit the floor!!  I saw his expression and asked him what was wrong.  He confessed that about two wks earlier he pulled up to the hse after work one night and saw the cat lying beside the road, obviously hit by a car, and put it in a box and placed it under the hedges, thinking she was dead, planning to bury her the next day .  When he went to retrieve the dead  cat from the box next day,  it was gone!  He didn't (stupidly) tell me, thinking I would take a missing cat better than a dead cat . He thought I would drop the matter eventually, and it would be done.  Little did he know!! And he now knows better!    She made her way back to her loving home and her Mom!!  I was so happy to have her back!!       * I'll tell the other another time..............tired.


    Thanks for sharing,what a remarkable story.

    thats a endearing story and thank god you got her back cant wait for the other one now please do tell soon! xxx

    I haven't had one return home,but i have heard they can make thier way back,from many miles away.


    My son brought a dog from CT. that had previously been living in a cemetary. He had her fixed, before bringing her to NH. She looked just like Benji. One day she disappeared in the morning. I called the neighbors, the police department and Animal Control. I drove around in my car looking for her. To no avail. I thought for sure she was attacked by coyotes, who live in my area. and probably killed. It was already dark outside when she showed up unharmed. She never left again. IShe was the most gentle dog I have ever had. I had two cats at the time too and she was so protective of them.

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