Should the Mormon Church admit the truth about Joseph Smith & book of Mormon being a fruad??

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    Once a false religion is established the works of satan will continue to fuel it. In the OT God would destroy whole sects of people who were worshipping false gods. He had to destroy them all, if any where left, even the children, they would grow up and learn about their ancesters and repeat the same abominations. Today we live in the age of Grace and God is patient to allow the false religions to exist with the one true way to God, Jesus Christ. One day this window of opportunity will close and God will destroy all that has set itself against His Son Jesus Christ and the true gospel thereof.


    what does this have to do with anything?

    Yes, just as soon as the Catholic Church admits the Bible is a fraud.

    the bible say let the tares grow up with the wheat and GOD will do the prunning, judge not les ye be judged,just be light your selfs that all one can should do.

    i thought they have admitted the truth about Joseph Smith and the Book or Mormon?


    i meant, i thought** they have admitted the truth?

    Yes they have been lying for years and changing their doctrine and book of mormon.

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