My SD card in my digital camera displays that it is locked, therefore I can not delete the pictures. How do I unlock it?

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    If you get an SD card reader you should be able delete files and reformat with the computer. I'm a Mac person so I can't tell you on a PC, sure someone here can. Mac you just drag from SD card to trash.
    Headless Man

    SD card could be bad, Get a new one, there not expensive.
    Can't help you, I have an older Canon but it doesn't use an SD card. Have you tried using your computer to unlock it? Maybe a bad SD card or need reformatted, but you will lose everything on it if you reformat.
    You should be able on your camera settings. Can't tell you how without knowing camera type.

    The camera settings are not allowing it.
    I have a Canon SD 600.
    Thanks, just found the answer. SD cards have little (tiny) tabs on the side that slide up and down. That is what locks them. The little tab got slide down and it protects everything on the card.
    Thanks for your help.
    Camera will not let me reformat or delete pictures. I do not know how to do it with the computer. Would you mind explaining. The whole point is to delete the pictures.

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