What can I do to free up space on my computer for more RAM?

    My computer is a couple of years old and is running very slowly and freezes up once a day, at least. On occasion I will get a message that I can't save something because I don't have enough RAM. Can I take out things to free up RAM?

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    Go to (startup) the type 'msconfig' in the run box, then select 'startup programs from the tabs, uncheck items that you don't want running.. DO NOT UNCHECK ITEMS YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE-- If you want to know what these unknown items are, highlight it, copy and past the line in your google search.. It will tell you what it does and if it is important. Your computer has many "TSR's) (terminate and stay) running in the background, these will consume lots of memory. I assume your computer is older though.. You can always install more ram.. Its cheap now.

    Installing more RAM would have been my next suggestion if the back-up HD didn't work. I try to go with the "save money" options first :)
    If you have pictures, songs and videos loading up the RAM, consider getting a back up hard drive to transfer them to. That would free up a lot of space for you.

    I have all that on an external Passbook drive. Thanks for the answer. It is good advice.

    Is it difficult to add memory to a Dell Inspiron E1405? Can I do it myself? How do I check to see if I have room for another card? How do I open a laptop?
    Use this link to scan your computer to see if it can take more memory

    It's very easy to install new memory. The access for doing so will be at the bottom of your computer. Crucial might even tell you how. Search their site for the info or if you have an owners manual, read it. Look under memory. It should explain how to add memory.

    Thank you Colleen, I am going to try it.

    Good luck. :)

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