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    If there were "NO" Guns would people throw more Rocks?

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    People since the beginning of humanity have sought new ways to inflict damage on one and other. The Middle East had high quality swords, bow and arrows, sling shots and more especially the wealthy. Weapons have evolved as human have. More and more brutal. So would they be throwing rocks? Probably by now more dangerous materials than only rocks but, in some cases they might if that was all available.

    I don't know, but i just assume that the ME has no trees, just lots&lots of sand.

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    Hey pal quick thinking answer. How about a TU for you. There it is. Mine is last b/c I just answered it but show me some love for a fairly well thought out answer. Thanks!

    Why don't you ask them in the Middle East before the US got involved they were throwing rocks at each other and have been since the beginning of time.


    I do not know for sure about the bow and arrows but do not think they have many trees just a lot of sand and sand hills.

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    Did the Middle East ever have a Bow and Arrow or not enough trees?

    If you're walking through a alley someone shoots you.odds are someone will hear the shot and you'll get help.But if they slice your throat ear to ear you will probally die.

    Well we don't have guns up here in Scotland or they're not and everyday thing.People happily use knives,bottles,samurai swords,machettes,pick axes,coches,baseball bats,golf clubsg.keys,chains,fence posts and hammers when their fighting in the street.Thats not a list off the top of my head but i've known,seen or been on the wrong end of whats in that list n they'll be used next weekend aswell n the one after that n so on.Oh i forgot pool balls in a sock they're popular.People up hear wouldnt want to stand there n shoot someone cos they'd far sooner go right up to someone and physically stick a knife in them,feel it go right in and have their blood on their hands and clothes.

    Yea!! And then people would, shape, weigh and then deliver them to where you were fighting 'for a price', and then sell you a better way of delivering them! Sorry what was the question?

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