My boyfriends mom has diabeties , she's 66 years old, approx 300 + pounds, homebound pretty much of the time, needs assistance bathing and daily living, meals are made by my boyfriend. The problem is this, she WILL NOT follow a diet or a meal plan. She will not stop eating sugar, what can we do?

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    Not being a smart ass but   one can lead a horse to water  but  you can't make  him drink.  MY MOM  has same thing   except the weight

    Try to start her day off with more protein.  That might help the sweet craving.  If she is not careful with her diet, she can get into some bad trouble.  I used to do diabetic diets.  The key is balance for her.  She can have a small amount usually but her diet has to be a healthy one and limited on carbs. 

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