Suggestions: What Things Would You Like To Go Back To Normal?

    I would like to see:

    -The option to delete your comment/answer
    -The "Answered" and "Unanswered" all on one page
    -The amount of answers given bigger, I may have bad vision but the "rating, answers, views, etc" are insanely small
    -A limit to the questions title (say max 30 letters)

    Anyone else have any suggestions? Also, if there IS a way to delete an answer/comment please let me know.

    Thanks :)

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    4 Answers

    I'm with you.

    Though I have admit that the new layout is crisp and fun.
    everything you said, plus id like to know (username)
    I am with the both of you... I am most interested in all of the question being on the same page.
    Also, I would like to thank everyone who have spent so much time on this site trying to make it perfect. With all the negative comments should come some good. It looks great and may just take a little getting used to but every ones input it greatly appreciated :)

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