is there snow coming at end of next month

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    It could some people have snow all the time

    Certainly not where i live in California, maybe in the mountains- The tops of 'em get the snowcaps in the late fall. I can see them from where i live, very beautiful.  (But only to look at, I hate snow)


    How could anyone hate snow? I don't have much experience with it, living in the deep heart of the south. We have to play in "air snow", if it lands it melts on contact. Well almost.
    I was up in the mountains when it snowed several inches, I was in heaven. I didn't drive in it, or need to go anywhere. If it was a yearly thing, I might feel differently. I didn't drive in it, so that would also be a new challenge. The thought just made my stomach do a flip. I'll take snow on vacation trips!

    Daisy, I lived 40 years of my life in Ohio, I lived through the blizzard of 1978, since then there have been many more but that one I remember as my last! Snow is beautiful to look at when its coming down, but after a day or so when it turns to slush, then ice clumps, it become a hazard and a PITA to drive on, getting stuck, having someone run into you sliding on the ice, broken bones from losing your footing, the mess and the filth as it becomes frozen with road dirt, this is what I do not like! Not to mention the freezing temps.. I moved to CA to get away from that! I like to look at it in the mountains from my bedroom window. That all. if I want to be in it, I can drive a couple hours and throw a snowball or two.. That's close enough for me now.. It is beautiful though, when freshly fallen, gorgeous on the trees and the rooftops as most 'post card' display, however, a couple days later this beauty turns to hell froze over..

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