Identify the main purpose os a persuasive essay and the elements necessary for it to be effective.

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    It may depend on the writer's expectoration;,which depends on the writer's history.  For example, might the writer tell of his meeting with God, and the outcome of that meeting?  If the writer has told of this experience before, has s/he been believed?  Whatever the answer to these, and possibly other questions the writer thinks of, should the writer tailor the report being brought with the view in mind of gaining a more favorable reaction.  If, however, the writer if firm in belief then the writer should make the report as best as can be done.  Otherwise, the writer is not making a report of history as is known by the writer, and is merely telling a story with the hope of gaining acclimation.  If the writer's associates have known the writer for a great period of time and have, for the most part, accepted the writer as being truthful, even if at times the writer has been found in error, the writer would not have been in error for lack of believing what was written, was written believing it was true.  If this is not sufficiently circumspect, tell me and I'll try harder to muddle it!   

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