is coal a nunrenewable

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    Coal is a fossil fuel, which means it is created over millions of years. Therefore, once it is used it cannot be replaced (not in the following millions of years, by the end of which new coal will form). That is why coal is called a Nonrenewable energy source.

    Nuns are renewable but many convents are closing as there are few applicants.

    When coal is burned it produces CO2, ash and other gaseous compounds that can be significantly more harmful in our environment. CO2 will stimulate vegetation to grow more profusely while contributing to global warming. Neither coal or oil are renewable without the perpetuation of recycling in support of the reproduction of these resources. Rather than coal or gas we should apply our time, talent and money to advancing energy systems that are self perpetuating such as that of using water for fuel in a HHO like system. These systems are crude presently but I am confidant they will advance nicely when the issues of National Security are found to be unwise and excessively focused on tiny secrets that serve to obstruct methods that are completely different and better in every way. Of course their application would end our need of oil and probably destroy the global economy but we can still breath the air and our lack of money will certainly inspire all of us to invest our efforts into our domestic support by whatever methods we choose, Our culture has not yet choosen our course, leaving that up to individuals to decide for themselves. It may be wise to go slowly forward in this to support an untroubled progression away from our need for oil, gas and coal.

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