how do I track an order 4078042

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    When you buy something from eBay, you're dealing with an individual (or business) not eBay itself.
    All sellers have their own ways of working: some dispatch in a timely fashion, others don't: some thank you for your payment, others leave you in the dark as to whether they've even received it; some sellers let you know when they ship the item, others say not a word.
    There is no way to track orders unless the seller provides you with the information.
    If you're concerned, you can email the seller and ask if they've dispatched your package.
    Do bear in mind that sellers have 7 days to dispatch your item (although most do it same/next day) and then you have to allow time for the postal service to get it to you. If the seller is in your own country, that could add another day or two, but if the seller is overseas it can easily add a week or more.

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