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    What is an "industry standard web browser"?

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    To the best of my knowledge it tracks and monitors nearly every function you preform on a given site and relays all this intricate information it has gathered on your visit to that specific web site. It
    strives to measure the complete user-experience from the click/touch on a URL to final page viewed on the screen. It is not limited to measuring only JavaScript execution. In addition, it measures page rendering speed and factors in Internet content diversity as well as various network profiles used to access the Internet.
    One other benchmark feature that is particularly important in the mobile platform is the ability to measure power consumption. Since a browser can trade higher performance for better battery life, Browsing, they hope, will include a methodology for determining the browsing effects on the battery life.


    Would a link from an app to a dedicated server be considered an "industry standard web browser" or must the browser have access to the rest of the internet?

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