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    Why are no kin nor visiters allowed to pay their last respecks at a burial in "Potters Field NYC"...(bad law)?

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    Read this article:

    Here is an excerpt:  Agency officials in the past have emphasized the need to keep the island restricted because of dangerous conditions, security concerns regarding the inmate laborers, and the lack of amenities and utilities, including restrooms, on the island. A compound for inmates and correction officers does have a propane-fueled kitchen, restrooms and an active water main connected to the mainland, but it is off-limits to visitors, encircled by a fence topped with razor wire.


    Julie, I read this article, extremely interesting. When I was doing research on my family history, I came across my father's sister's death record. Rumor was, she died within hours of birth, although the town hall record shows she lived for a few days. Church burial records show she was buried in the parishes Potter's Field. No headstone or record of where she was born, other than in the Potter's Field exists, because she was never baptized before she died. Church rules clearly state that no one may be buried in consecrated ground that are not baptized. Hence the need for a Potter's Field. People who are poor are also buried in Potter's Field. There is also a biblical connection with Potter's Field. It has to do with the betrayal of Jesus and the thirty pieces of silver. Gospel stories contradict each other concerning this field. One writer said Judas purchased the field with his thirty pieces of silver (Acts 1:18) and another said he repented and took the money back to the temple and the priests used the money to by Potter's Field (Matthew 27:7). All-in-all, it seems to be a tough subject to the families of the deceased.

    Wow………I got chills

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