show formal letter format to write to congressman

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    << Date >>

    The Honorable << Name >>
    U.S. House of Representatives
    Washington, DC 20515

    Dear Representative << Name >>:

    Please support the national service programs in your district by joining the National Service Congressional Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. In the fall, Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT), Rep. David Price (D-NC), Rep. Todd Platts (R-PA), and Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA) circulated a Dear Colleague letter inviting you to join the National Service Congressional Caucus, a bipartisan group dedicated to raising awareness of national service and expanding service opportunities for all Americans. I am forwarding their letter and ask that you consider joining the Caucus.

    National and community service programs – AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve America, and Senior Corps – provide human capital —people power— to help address critical needs in every congressional district. National service participants provide local community and faith-based organizations the capacity and tools they need to help communities thrive by tutoring and mentoring children, building affordable housing, restoring the environment, providing health care, caring for the elderly, responding to natural disasters, and leading volunteers in service. Each year, national and community service participants recruit hundreds of thousands of volunteers, who donate millions of hours of service to their communities.

    << Briefly mention personal experience with national service >>

    In the words of the House Caucus co-chairs, “Seldom has there been a time in our nation’s history when service…has been of more critical importance to our nation’s strength and security.” Last year more than 1.6 million citizens strengthened communities through AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve America, and Senior Corps. I hope you will show your support for these efforts by joining the National Service Congressional Caucus today.


    << Your Name >>
    << Your Street >>
    << Your City >>
    << Your State >> << Your Zip-Code >>

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