how do i go about finding my birth parents

    im adopted and i would like to find my birth parents but i dont know where to start.

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    You can search in the Internet under "United States Vital Records"
    or Phone # 1-888-965-6696. There is a Fee and you
    can find out how much by calling that Nr.
    Mothers sometimes have to give up theire child because they are too young or they do not have a supportsystem to help raise the
    child. They give theire child up for Adoption out of love, so they can have a better Life. God bless, Ann

    You can check
    TheAnswer, what did I say to deserve being voted down? I was so impressed with your answer I voted it up, and it's staying that way. It gives all the information needed. All I added was the way I felt... that it would be a hard decision to give up a child. If the person who asked the question ruined her life by accident he or she would be dreadfully upset... Just a comment, not a criticism.

    Sorry, it was late here when I wrote that. I forgot you wouldn't see it unless you came back to the question, and why would you when you'd given so much help? I'd still like to know how i upset you.
    That is excellent advice, but do be careful if you find your birth mother. It's possible she may never have told a husband or partner she had a child. It doesn't mean she won't want to see you, or maybe talk on the phone, but don't make any approach that could compromise any happiness she has found. Giving up a child must be the hardest decision she ever had to make.

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