how to repair cracked patent leather

    I have a pair of patent leather shoes and the leather is cracked in certain spots. Is there a way to repair this?

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    How to Repair Cracking in a Leather Shoe
    Terrence Strayer
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    By Terrence Strayer, eHow Contributor
    How to Repair Cracking in a Leather Shoethumbnail Repair leather cracks to add life to expensive shoes.

    With a little elbow grease and patience you can repair cracking in a leather shoe and extend the life of the footwear. Most of the supplies you'll need can be found either at shoe stores or an equestrian tack shop, where you will find products for cleaning, treating and restoring leather goods. Regular buffing with mink oil and polishing with a quality shoe cream help prevent cracks from developing.


    things you'll need:

    * Chamois cloth or old rags Mink oil Shoe cream or paste Saddle soap

    * 1

    Clean the leather around the crack thoroughly with saddle soap, using as little water as possible.
    * 2

    Allow the shoe to air dry completely. Don't apply heat, as this could make the crack worse.
    * 3

    Help the shoe hold its shape by stuffing old rags into the shoe while working on the cracks.
    * 4

    Work the mink oil deep into all cracks and crevices, and let dry.
    * 5

    Apply a liberal coat of shoe cream over the entire leather surface and over the cracks, ensuring that the shoe cream matches the color of the leather.
    * 6

    Buff the shoe to a high luster, then polish and buff the other shoe to match.

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