i came out of europe at the age of 2yrs old and my family and documents disappeared like james l inmans and james wellington and their wives. who i believe with all my heart is dead. the goverment said they would replace them and my passport and never did?can i get my proper documents and passport..????

    came out of europe at the age of 2yrs old. in san fransico and came to santa barbara ca. to model dresses at 701 state st. with jacklyn macy and helen scarzazy.they where pushed by a man and i was kiddnapped...wound up in illinois. waited for the adults to take care of things.. but things kept getting put aside becaused james l inman and his family who are related, were being attacked and they are musketeers and a royal off easter island..
    so were are my documents and why were they not given to me as well as my rights as a royal from another country....danni annastasia jkw inman or carol ann inman...really ann j winsor from my country...combining my name was my idea..carol danni annastasia jkw inman.

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    get your bith certificate and your social security number card and then go to the post office and request a passport application fill it out then get picture taken there at the post office then they will send it to the pass port division, be patient it does take time, you can also call the passport divion number that is provided in the application stub they gave you when you did it the first time keep trying do not give up they will find your information it just takes time
    good luck

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