How old do you think Planet Earth is?

    and could you please state which country you live in. it will be interesting to see the difference in answers. :-)

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    About 4.55 billion years


    do the math how close was the moon then high tide must have beem a bitch if you use real facts your answer sucks


    U probably Googled this, right Mindblade? Even without researching this I believe your answer is correct.

    I guess I'm another cave dweller. Carbon dating is based upon assumptions that cannot be verified. I wasn't there so I'm going with the Bible account rather than 21st century man. Around 6000 years old.


    So you take the written words of some old scribes as fact, good for you, me I cant accept a book that people of the same belief confuse. Dont believe me? read some more replies, one bloke said the world is only 6600 years old, others say 30000, others 20000. Not wishing to be rude but any thinking person would have to question the logic of a religion that can`t agree among themselves.

    six thousand three hundred fourty seven years nine months four days as of 4/2011 do the research

    The age of the Earth is 4.54 billion years (4.54 ? 109 years ± 1%).[1][2][3] This age is based on evidence from radiometric age dating of meteorite material and is consistent with the ages of the oldest-known terrestrial and lunar samples.

    You know I had to seek help, I was not thought about during this time!!!


    10,000 to 50,000. Oops, was thinking of since the time of modern appearance of man. Possibly 100,000 to 100's of thousands from the time of creation. I just don't buy into the Millions and Millions of years guesses. Most leading scientists believe the earth to be much younger than previously thought. One reason is because of the population factor and the demand on natural resources. Once the population reaches a extremely high number like China, there becomes a huge demand for resources, the larger the population the quicker it grows. The Theory of Evolution is no longer widely accepted among scientists, the later and greater theories are of seeding and intelligent design.

    If we don't know everything, which none of us do, there are assumptions behind science's explanation of how old the world is, as well as assumptions behind "scientific methods." If additional information were to be added to our estimates of the age of the earth, then the conclusions can totally change. No one has all the information, we can only speculate.

    Here is the problem: people misunderstand what science is all about. Science cannot prove anything form the past because they weren't there. That would be unscientific. You must be there and witness the experiment to have all the facts to have proof. As far as I know the only one there was God................


    So you were back with Adam and Eve leeroy? You must be a fair age.You say we can only speculate and you are correct, do you think the oldies who deciphered the rosetta stone could have speculated also? Fair comment?


    Absolutely, I was Adam's 333rd child. As stated above no one can know for sure the age of the earth, it depends where your background beliefs lye, where or what theory you will use to place your evidence. The Rosetta stone was written in 3 different languages, being that ancient Greek was one of the languages, it is logically assumed that the time of its origin was after the conquest of Alexander the Great. Also the date translated from 3 different languages is translated to be March 27, 196 B.C., not much speculation there. I don't know if there is any new information on it haven't checked?

    Around 6000 years old.

    papa peg

    Well I leave that for other people to figure out for me.

    papa peg

    By the way I am an American.

    papa peg

    If my answer sucks.Then yours sucks even worse.Have a good day.

    probably around 6-8 thousnad years old and not older then that, the crap about millions and billions of years are not tue and not justyfied !!!

    Grit Savage

    really, so explain where your oil comes from!

    I am a Christian and believe in intelligent design. However, my understanding of geology and such causes me to belive that our Galaxy, including Earth is many millions - perhaps billions of years old as opposed to 6K years. Not arguing with my fellow Christians who site 6K; however, I beieve that there was an original creation which was destroyed in the global flood. From the Garden of Eden to present, calculation of generations equates to approximately 6K. However, that calculation does not account for the eons of time that must have existed before God's decision to create Adam and then Eve.

    If you answered less that several billion years ago, you are living in a cave.


    If you don't believe what I believe than I'm going to insult you, because I am intolerant of any different views than my own. Basically, that's what you just said.

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