why is palistine being minipulated by the us at the un not to be recognized as a sovereign nation when their government was elected by a true democracy that President Carter verified ? the US government attacks countries to promote democracies, and the President agreed that zionist has to go back to 1967 borders ??

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    If you look at the situation not politicially, but at a humatarian level it is a terrible occupatian that the people of palestine have to suffer. However because of Hamas the iranian terrorist organization  in palestine who is constantly attacking Israel , any peace in the middle east is not attainable and Palestine will not be accepted by the UN witout a peace agreement, Our President can only tell them to go back to 1967 s border, but it does not mean it is going to happen.

    President Carter was an inept president, Obama is worse. What can I say? I can only ask that Obama be impeached and his administration team fired. Not all Americans agree with me. Maybe they can come and give reason for this and support their President's agenda to rule the world.

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