As it is against the Muslim religion and Jewish religion to eat pork .Given the medical advances in heart surgery would a Muslim or Jewish person be allowed to have a pigs heart valve installed into their hearts to save their lives if their heart was failing

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    I imagine Moslems would reject a pig's heart in the same way that Jehovahs Witnesses refuse blood transfusions for themselves and for their children


    Yes, I knew a person who died from complications following a routine hip replacement operation because he was a Jehovahs Witness, he refused a life saving blood transfusion.

    Yes Josie but he will now be in Heaven so that's all right isn't it?

    A pigs heart has not yet been successfully transplanted into a human (as far as I am aware). The animal itself would be 'genetically engineered' for such a purpose. I think many people from all walks of life would prefer a human heart transplant rather than that of an animal.


    A pigs heart valve which are used regularly to repair human hearts not the full heart

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