Is this christian? christian woman thanks god for The Tragedies In Japan


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    Grit Savage

    well is it christian or not? im just asking! has it hit a raw nerve? ;-)

    Grit Savage

    well watch it and see! I'm just curious to what opinions people have.
    I find it very disturbing! also it makes me wonder where this type of religious belief is coming from.
    surely this isn't being taught in schools? or is it?

    Grit Savage

    I hope someone has a word with her, the problem nowadays is that the whole world can hear what she says, and it will incite hatred unfortunately.
    dont even get me started on the phelps family..............


    Papa, I think you need to see this one before you decide what road to take.

    papa peg

    Yep you all love CHRISTIANS can't quit talking about us.What so you think that because this woman said something that we agree with her.

    papa peg

    I don't know i didn't hear what she said.And i don't judge everybody because someone said something i didn't like.and no you didn't hit a nerve.

    papa peg

    I watched the video and i don't know what church she goes too.But i don't agree with what she said.And her church should have a few words with her.I don't pray for people to die and not all CHRISTIANS are true CHRISTIANS.I was against the Hillsboro Baptist Church that wanted to picket against gay people.At the funeral of the little 9 year old girl that got shot.

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    How very sad she is so confused. I do not know what God she worships or what religion she studies but I can not link any of that to Christianity. Even with my own disagreements with Christianity, it does not worry me the way this girl did. I worry that there are thousands more like her that believe just as she does. These are the people who damage humanity. There's something seriously wrong when a young teen becomes this brainwashed to false ideals. I do not pray as I do not believe in prayer but I will ask that she get some kind of spiritual guidance to enlighten her to the fact that God does not kill thousands to send a message to non believers. I've argued the same point to some Christians (I say some because not all believe the same way). God did not destroy the 5 cities to send a message to homosexuals. To this poor misguided child I say, God did not destroy parts of Japan because of Atheists. So sad, so very sad you believe this way.

    wow ! we have guided missiles and mis guided people...!1

    Wow, that was disturbing.................the most disturbing part is all of it.

    There are definitely some disturbed individuals out there............................misguided ones as well.

    Mr Grit i wanted to let you know.That the girl who made that video isn't a Christian.
    A man can preach the gospel & claim to be a Pastor,but not such in his heart.

    She's made a new video admitting that she makes troll videos. She says this was fake and realizes she pissed off a lot of people but that was her intention. She does not explain WHY she wanted to piss people other than to say it was fun. With all the death threats being directed at her, I have to wonder how she's sleeping at night.

    If she's for real she's absolutely insane.... allegedly

    Satan has done a good job on this lady.

    (James 1:13-14) 13 let no one say: “I am being tried by God.” For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone. 14 But each one is tried by being drawn out and enticed by his own desire. . .

    Last press release indicate 2,300 faithful Christian Proclaimers are missing in that area and substantial sums of money have been sent from Britain and America from our disaster relief fund.

    GRIT, as far as being caused by a "Religious belief" that it is not! It is the conditioning, brain washing, and mind closing technics imposed by orthodox/fundamental traditions. These have not to do with Religion but every thing to do with ignorance. Even worse, "Control" as ignorance is the lessor of the two.
    There are morons in every faith known to man. Too bad they are the one's with the biggest voices.

    Is it Christian? Truth be known, true Christians refer to these as "so-called Christians". These are those who believe they are Christian; but do not follow a true Christian path. Do not think the Christian way or do as the faith implies.

    your sister,

    That's how it gets them all in the end.

    No, doesn't sound very kosher to me.


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