Firefox does not work when I click on buttons withing websites

    Ever since I downloaded the latest version of firefox it does not want to click on buttons withing websites. Such as "Delete" within hotmail. Or for that matter any buutton or email in hotmail. It also effects any flash button on a website or and button other then a link to another site. For some reason it will work on links to websites from things like google, but once in a website it won't work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times. It works for teh first sevral times after a reinstall but then stops working. IE works fine. I have updated Norton's and ran several checks. They come up clean. I have no third party toolbars or tools other then Vuze and Bing, which I would actually liek to get rid of but they always come back :). Ok and Ironically I cannot click the "Submit" button below either. You can reach me at

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    go to the firefox help center

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