I can't seem to download weather eye. I had a computer crash and that was one thing that did not survivwe. I am tryingto get it back and it keep on telling me there is an error orproblem with the download. Can you help me to get it back the way it was ie. In the lower right corner it showed the present temp and you could click on that and get hourly, 5 day and long term forcasts.

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    i can't help you with that one, however, you can go to and download that. it's just about the same thing you had. i'm using it daily.........hope this will help you.

    Sorry we are not the creators of the app so can not help with the download. Try their support forum.

    Click here>>


    This could be one of your problems , I downloaded some toolbars and my security went crazy and said I had 13 trojan viruses!! I got rid of the tool bars and no problem since..

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