My friend Anali is johovas witness and she does not celebrate anything at all and doesnt believe in go, will she go to heaven?

    she does not believe in GOD sorry my mistake of misspellment.

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    Yes, if she asks Jesus Christ to forgive her sin and accepts Him as her personal savior.


    Spot on!! John 14:6 I am the way, the truth and the life; No one comes to the Father but by me.

    These words were spoken by Jesus to Thomas and the other Disciples. Read the whole chapter of John 14. Wonderful.

    No one of this world could make such a judgement.

    According to her religion she will...


    I believe that she will, according to "her own" religious beliefs. As a side note to Christians: the Bible states that a person will be judged by their actions not by their faith.

    only way to heaven is through faith in jesus christ as the messiah.....

    The only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. Many try ti fit God into there own plan. It wont work.

    Witnesses believe that Christ has already returned to earth and that Armageddon will come as soon as the' Witness' is completed, when the dead will be raised to the new earth.

    I would have thought  that a JW who does not believe in God could not be a Witness. They don't believe in the Holy Trinity, blood transfusions, or taking part in wars, but surely belief in God is essential to their faith.

    Lets hear from you JW's.

    Maybe Jehova will guide her.

    Get this. Your deeds good or bad will determine whether you will go to heaven.  Once I was told by a christian missionery that even you were the biggest criminal and a bad person, embrassing Jesus will assure you heaven - does that make sense?  So keep doing good to everyone. Anali will go to heaven if she is a good person.

    steve billman

    i have dyslexia so please bear with me.your deeds good or bad have no bearing on lets say (salvation) or whatever you want to call it .you seem to be positive in your answers that are completely unreasearhed untrue.and missleading.jesus will assure you of heaven but he said he will give you rest. i dont know about but when i rest. i rest i do NOTHING but what i personally desire. because this man who says he is God. paid the price for my imperfections.(bad things) he created these rules, because hes God mnd you sound like you think your god! do the research dude~~


    She'll most likely be the first one there while the others will be down in hell with the demons, heh, heh, heee, hee.

    I;ve watched The Life Of Brian and Gods name is Jehovah and if being able to spell is a qualification needed to get into Heaven anyone who uses this site isn't getting in.

    Witnesses believe in God, and celebrate the dead of Jesus Christ .

    The believe, that the can live forever on earth, because Jesus said: "The meek one will inherit the earth." - See ST.Matthew 5:5, king James-Version.


    Why no 'y'?

    Being as they die the same as anyone else there is somthing slightly off with their reckoning I would think and being as God or Jehovah has given man the power to save peoples lives with blood transfusions and they don't use them well if Jehovah didn't want man to have the technology then he wouldn't have it would he

    believe and follow what you believe in to the letter. Living life is a gamble think about it you are taught to whom you will serve as your God.

    So just Pray to your God yes your God make it personal because He is whom you believe in and trust and whom made you. When you was born you had a feeling about a higher being, some thing higher then yourself, so as you get older someone explains the feeling. so if you believe you going to heaven and you followed all the rules of your faith then you going because God said according to your faith. All religions has the basic concepts obey and honor your maker worship and glorify your maker. live a just life. good works alone cant get you into heaven you got to believe

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