tv screen is blanc with a roko 2 unit. connected correctly

    this is a new unit i just recieved 9/22/11

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    10 months..  (why am I doing this??)

    If your screen is blank, first check your wiring, if correct, make sure you've selected the correct line input.  Roku units have a long 'boot' time.  Usually the first boot.  If you have the dancing screen saver and no action, check your batteries and make sure your remote is working.  Disconnect the Roku unit from power source for 2 minutes and replace. If this doesn't work, there's a 'pinhole' you can insert a paperclip of similar to reset the system.


    Here's the hidden commands that ROKU doesn't want you to know.. Be careful how you use them.

    Please post any key sequences here to access hidden features...

    Bitrate Screen - set bandwidth, stream profile mode (main/advanced), debug
    In home screen....
    [HOME] 5 times, [REW] 3 times, [FF] 2 times

    If you have issues accessing content, voice sync issues, try switching stream profile mode.
    Set debug mode in this screen to see connection rates.

    Secret Screen - update, debug options
    [HOME] 5 times, [FF] 3 times, [REW] 2 times

    [HOME] 5 times, [UP] once, [REW] 2 times, [FF] 2 times

    Factory Reset via reset button
    Hold down the reset button on bottom/left back of box for 15 seconds. (from the manual)



    Cos you're a nice guy and we need to answer them. :)

    I think its more that I am at work and I have nothing else to do right now.. :)

    Okay, you're a bored, nice guy and we need to answer them. LOL :)

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